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Bath toys are Gross. 
This one is easy to keep clean (aka Mold Free).
You can stick it to the cabinet or the bathtub. 
​Plus, you can't beat the price. 

I wish this company could make a case for my kid!

This thing has held up to everything. 
From the creator of the Llama Llama serious, this book teaches that even little diggers can be helpful. 

This was the inspiration for our latest birthday party! 
I was printing tracing and coloring pages on the printer and ink isn't cheap. 

Much Better Choice! 

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I can't ever PEE alone, 
​but from time to time I can take a bath after the house is quite.  This month I invested in ME.
I purchased a bath pillow and tray & they are great. 
​However, my new TRUE LOVE are these pants from Target.  I am living in them and I am in LOVE.  If you have never tried modal fabric, you need to ASAP.  I may never wear jeans again.  I have purchased 3 pairs and everyone is getting these for Christmas.